Too Much of No One

2019 - UK - 35min

Loneliness is easy to hide and easy to miss. But what does it look like? Do we all perceive it similarly? Is there any solution to loneliness?

Collaborative documentary Too Much of No One features Corrine, David, Jan, Ken, Leo and Stafford and through six chapters presents their unique perspectives on the growing issue of loneliness in later life. Each chapter is different, depending on the filmmaking style, music and location the individual person has chosen, providing valuable insight into the distinctive notions of loneliness.

The film was developed in collaboration with FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) and LJMU.

Film by:
Alžběta Kovandová
Leo, Corinne, David, Ken, Jan and Stafford
Sound Postproduction:
Martin Stýblo, Tom Forfar
Stafford's chapter camera operator
& colour grading:
Carl Davies
The film was developed in collaboration with
FACT Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University.

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