'Our latest EFGeoBlog post is a beautiful story of the friendship between two Czech geologists: Jiří Kovanda and Vojen Ložek. Alžběta Kovandová writes about her grandfather's fantastic search to collate all of Ložek's published works.'

An article I wrote about my beloved grandfather, who passed away, and about his amazing search for all Vojen Ložek's works, which got published at the European Federation of Geologists blog and in Vesmir (Czech scientific journal).

The full text in English can be read here:


and in Czech:


Of foxes and men
published in AnimaLoci journal
Of foxes and men.png

'Sharing the fabric of our cities with wild animals is the norm. As long as they do not encroach upon the boundaries of the domestic wall, the space in which we live is also that of birds, mice, insects and other species. In London, urban foxes are the most iconic yet fragile manifestation of this inevitable coexistence. Filmmaker and researcher Alžběta Kovandová shares her thoughts and personal experience of these fleeting encounters.'

The full essay can be read on Anima Loci's website:


An article I wrote for NOVÝ (film) platform about my experience with finding a job in the film industry in London. Unfortunately, written only in Czech!

The full text can be read here:


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